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My Top Reasons For 4AM Wake Up And Daily Routine

23 ча назад

Why I wake up between 4AM and 4:30AM every morning. I daily routine, and Youtube production schedule. Why I work out in morning. My favorite sportswear ...

$10 Lapping Film vs $100 Whetstone Combo

4 дн назад

100K Subscriber Knife Giveaway https://youtu.be/gfxLqUyifWI Comparing set of $10 3m Sharpening Film vs my favorite $100 Suehiro soaking whetstone ...

Best Affordable Natural Stones Are Arkansas (full session)

6 дн назад

Buy Arkansas Soft, Hard, Hard Black, Hard Translucent Amazon https://burrfections.com/ArkansasNaturals Sharpening Supplies ...

America's Greatest Sharpening Stones Are Arkansas Naturals

2 нед назад

Arkansas natural sharpening stones are best stones produced in America. They are perfectly flat, and are some of the most responsive sharpening stones I have ...

1200 Grit Japanese Natural Amakusa Whetstone (full session)

2 нед назад

Testing the Amakusa Japanese natural whetstone for the first time, and showing you exactly how it performs. Amakusa Whetstone in video ...

New Sharpening Brick - Amakusa Japanese Natural Whetstone

3 нед назад

Sharpening demo and review of the Amakusa Japanese Natural sharpening whetstone. Are they actually better than synthetic whetstones? Amakusa Whetstone ...

To Japan, Here We GO!

3 нед назад

Join on my trip to Japan to explore knives, food, and.... more knives. VLOG : https://www.youtube.com/rykytran Thank you, for supporting my channel with ...

100,000 Subscriber Giveaway + Burrfection Knife Update

4 нед назад

Celebrating my 100000 subscribers with an insane giveaway and Burrfection Knife update. Giving away 120 knives + 20 strops and whetstones.

Best 600 grit Coarse Sharpening Whetstone so far (full demo)

4 нед назад

Naniwa Professional / Chosera 600. Sharpening 4 Masamoto KS gyuto to do some strop testing. This coarse sharpening stone is one of the best whetstones I ...

Why You'll Love This Naniwa 600 Whetstone

1 меc назад

This Naniwa Professional "Chosera" 600 is a very nice cutting stone, and one that everyone who is looking for a 400-600 grit whetstone should look at. Naniwa ...

Do Micro Bevels ACTUALY work?

1 меc назад

For anyone who has been trying to figure out if microbeveling actually is of any use, watch this video. Masamoto KS https://burrfections.com/Masamoto-KS Thank ...

Stropping vs Polishing Your Knife

2 меc назад

Stropping vs polishing your knives. Which is better? A closer look at the effects of long term sharpness of your knife's edge when comparing stropping on leather ...

80,000 grit 3m Lapping Film Sharpening + Polishing Session

2 меc назад

A sharpening session using 3m lapping film, from 1500, 4500, 14000 all the way up to 80000 grit. These lapping film can give your knives razor sharp results, ...

Whetstone Grit Ratings - How To Understand and Pick

2 меc назад

Here is my basic guide to understanding and how to choose the best grit for your knife sharpening needs. Sharpening Whetstones basics 101. Removing the ...

Bob Kramer FC61 Stainless Chef Knife - Full Sharpening Session

2 меc назад

Just a practice sharpening session of the Kramer FC61 stainless steel chef knife. Sharpening on the Kramer Zilling whetstones, 400 to 1000 to 5000 grit ...

Top 5 Tips on How To Sharpen Knife Tip

2 меc назад

My top 5 sharpening advice to get the best and sharpest tips on your knives. Knife sharpening by hand is easy to learn, but tips are easily neglected and by ...

Bricking $2000 of Masamoto KS Knives (don't watch long sharpening session)

2 меc назад

Full length video of my bricking and sharpenng 4 Masamoto KS and setting 10 vs 15 vs 17 vs 20 degrees on them. Long and boring knife sharpening video.

Best DIY Stropping Material is... An Amazon Box?

2 меc назад

Testing a leather belt made of latigo, newspaper, and an Amazon box to see which of these makes the best budget stropping option. Stropping is a great way to ...

Wicked Edge Pro - My Knife Sharpening Failure

2 меc назад

Unboxing and setup and initial impressions of the Wicked Edge Pro Pack 2. Great quality sharpening device, and jig, but it takes time to learn and perfect, and ...

How To Flatten Whetstones For Every Budget From $2 vs $300

2 меc назад

Here are the best whetstone flattening solutions ranging from $0-$300. With one of these solutions, you will be able to flatten any whetstone or sharpening stone ...

$5 Lapping Film For Insanely Sharp DIY Sharpening Plates

3 меc назад

Stropping plates can cost a lot of money and are always made with leather. These DIY stropping plates give amazing results, are super budget friendly, and do ...