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Купил Nintendo 2DS за 629 рублей! ЧТО?!

1 дн назад

Благодаря сообщению от коллеги по сетевой игре, купил последнюю Nintendo 2DS в МедиаМаркте за буквально копейки....

Diablo 3: 7 Minutes of Nintendo Switch Gameplay (60FPS) - Gamescom 2018

19 ча назад

Check out Diablo 3 on the Nintendo Switch, running at 60 fps, and targeting 960p when docked! (Featuring the Ganondorf Transmog armor!) UPDATE: The ...

Super Smash Bros. Ultimate – King K. Rool gameplay (Nintendo Switch)

8 ча назад

King K. Rool and Snake battle it out in this special 1 vs. 1 battle captured by the Super Smash Bros. Ultimate development team. Official Website: ...

InkyPen comes to Nintendo Switch

8 ча назад

InkyPen, a subscription-based application for reading comics, will launch exclusively on Nintendo Switch this November. Facebook Nintendo Switch: ...

5 Nintendo Switch Accessories We Recommend - Up At Noon Live!

21 ча назад

Our favorite backup battery, stand, screen protector, and more. Nintendo Switch Gets New Dedicated Battery Packs - Up At Noon Live!


21 ча назад

Consigue SUPER SMASH BROS Ultimate GRATIS!!: ...

13 Best Super Nintendo Beat-Em-Ups - SNESdrunk

5 ча назад

Whoops, completely forgot that Batman Returns isn't multiplayer either. Here's the games featured, in alphabetical order: [4:13] Batman Returns [3:44] ...

LA ESPERA HA TERMINADO Luigi´s Mansion Remasterizado para Nintendo 3ds a la Venta el 19 de Octubre

5 ча назад

Luigi´s Mansion Remasterizado para nintendo 3ds a la Venta el 19 de Octubre.

A Hat in Time Coming to Nintendo Switch "Soon" + Bloodstained Delayed to 2019

18 ча назад

It's good news and bad news in equal measure for indie game fans today as well-regarded 3D platformer A Hat in Time is confirmed to be coming to Nintendo ...

Indie Highlights - 20.08.2018 (Nintendo Switch)

1 дн назад

Get a look at some tip-top independent titles coming to Nintendo Switch in this Indie Highlights presentation! Facebook Nintendo Switch: ...

My Girlfriend Buys My WEIRD Nintendo Switch Accessories, AGAIN!

23 ча назад

My Girlfriend (Fiancee) bought me STRANGE & OBSCURE Nintendo Switch ACCESSORIES! Like a Zelda MASTER SWORD SWITCH STAND?! And a REAL ...

DAEMON X MACHINA - teaser gamescom 2018 (Nintendo Switch)

8 ча назад

Daemon X Machina di Marvelous Entertainment atterrerà su Nintendo Switch nel 2019! Sito ufficiale: ...

Diablo III on Nintendo Switch Hands-On

17 ча назад

Subscribe to Engadget on YouTube: Get More Engadget: • Like us on Facebook: • Follow us on ...

Nintendo Nindies Showcase High Lights 20.08.2018 RESUMEN Y OPINIÓN

23 ча назад

Resumen y opinión del Nintendo Nindies Showcase 20-08-2018 Nintendo Nindies Showcase:

Es más que probable una Revisión o Nueva Nintendo Switch PRO en 2019

1 дн назад

Es más que posible una Nueva Nintendo Switch PRO en 2019 Es posible una Nueva Nintendo Switch PRO en 2019 vídeo hablando de Nintendo switch PRO ...

16 NEW Upcoming Nintendo Switch Indie Games!

1 ча назад

New Nintendo Switch Games coming to the eShop and Game Stores! Let's watch the Nintendo Indie Highlights and see what is upcoming for Switch! Get a look ...


1 дн назад

Nintendo a surpris tout le monde en proposant un Showcase annonçant tous les prochains jeux indés arrivant sur la NINTENDO SWITCH : TERRARIA, THIS ...

Is The Leaked "Nintendo Switch PRO" REAL?! - Rant Video

2 дн назад

A famous Nintendo leaker is now claiming we will see a Nintendo Switch Pro in 2019. This more powerful console could do some cool stuff...but is it real?

Nintendo Switch 4K ? Image de God of War Egypte, Battlefield V en difficulté, GamescomCaroJu...

1 дн назад

Les amis, c'est le retour de l'authentique #BistroduJeuVidéo pour votre récap de l'actualité du JV. Au menu du jour, on parle de la #NintendoSwitch 4K, une ...

Nintendo Switch está a la venta por 215 / 250 Euros ¿Te comprarías una a ese precio?

1 дн назад

Nintendo switch está a la venta por 215 o 250 Euros en Japón ¿Te comprarías una a ese precio? Noticia: ...