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You've Never Seen Respect Like This

1 меc назад

I have never experienced so much respect in a foreign country. Japan has done the most amazing job to preserve the history of the land, and people are taught ...

Battle Tested Samurai Swords in Nobunaga's Gifu Castle

1 меc назад

This is an insane location and beautiful location for a castle. Insanely beautiful views, and you get a 360 view of all of Gifu City. And see what real samurai ...

Yaxell Knife Factory Tour - Pride is Good

2 меc назад

I got to spend an entire day at Yaxell's knife factory, seeing things never shown to the public. The craftsmen and women there live and work with pride in what ...

100,000+ Knives Sold In Public @ Seki Knife Festival

1 меc назад

Here is the Outdoor kitchen knife section of the Seki Knife festival. there hundreds of thousands of knives being shown and sold in public. Youtube and Vlogging ...

Insane Outdoor Knives @ Seki Knife Festival

1 меc назад

I'm in Seki checking out the world famous Seki knife festival. Insane amounts and custom knives at this show, and every knife vendor is Seki is here. Youtube ...

Going to Japan

2 меc назад

Going to Japan to see some knives and eat some good food. Thank you, for supporting my channel with purchases made through these links. Top Picks ...

Arriving in Japan

2 меc назад

I've made it to Japan after nearly 20 hours of travel time. Getting ready to visit all the great knife factories in Seki including Yaxell. Thank you, for supporting my ...

Sharpening Shun Pro Yanagiba One Of World's Most Beautiful Knife

2 лет назад

Sharpening this Shun Pro Yanagiba has been something everyone has been asking about. This is one of my favorite yanagibas, and it's time to get it sharp!

Best Coarse Whetstones (320-400 grit) | 2018

6 дн назад

Here are the best fine or high grit coarse whetstones. These stones can handle VERY light repair jobs, or to bring and edge to very dull knives. Learn how to pick ...

Why would a CHEF Ask This Question ?

8 меc назад

Something I never thought I would hear from a chef. Should you buy an expensive polishing stone. Best polishing option over 8K Kitayama whetstone.

Best Coarse Whetstones (120-240 grit) | 2018

1 нед назад

These are the top 5 ultra coarse whetstones I have used in 2018. They are great for repairing knives and fixing chips, with budgets of all ranges. Best of 2018 ...

Best Knife Sharpening Whetstones (1000 grit) | 2018

3 дн назад

Here are my top picks for best sharpening whetstones in the 1000 grit range for 2018. Using great quality whetstones will make sharpening much more ...

Do Micro Bevels ACTUALY work?

2 меc назад

For anyone who has been trying to figure out if microbeveling actually is of any use, watch this video. Masamoto KS https://burrfections.com/Masamoto-KS Thank ...

Top 5 Knife Storage Solutions - Best of 2018

2 нед назад

Here are the top solutions I have used and tested in 2018. DIY solutions all the way up to $200 storage blocks, there is a solution for every knife lover. How to ...

Best Sharpening Whetstones (sub 1000 grit) | 2018

4 дн назад

These are the best sharpening whetstones I have used that are under 1000 grit. Every one of them will give your knives a razor sharp edge. You can learn to ...

Naniwa Diamond Stones - Perfect for Powder Super Steels

3 нед назад

These Naniwa Diamond Sharpening stones are the hardest, flattest, and fastest cutting stones. Perfect for Hap40 ZDP-189 and other super powdered steels with ...

Why Polishing Is Useless For Softer Knives

8 меc назад

What is the highest effective polish a 55 Rockwell knives can receive? Waterstones (whetstones) vs oil stones. What water solutions for soaking your whetstones ...

Why My Youtube Channel Was On Standby

6 меc назад

Family comes first. Youtubers are normal people, but can often come off as invincible or unaffected by the world around them. This Youtuber is an average family ...

Waking Up @ 4AM Daily Routine

4 нед назад

Why I wake up between 4AM and 4:30AM every morning. I daily routine, and Youtube production schedule. Why I work out in morning. My favorite sportswear ...

These Boxes Will Change Lives

3 нед назад

This is the biggest and most exciting announcement I am making in 2018 for 2019. Please submit a non-profit and share video! Patreon ...

Learning Knife Sharpening w/ Yaxell Japan - The Journey Begins ep. 1

5 меc назад

I was invited by Cutlery and More and Yaxell Japan, to go to Chicago, and learn the art of knife sharpening on a rotary grinding whetstone, the same type used in ...